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Berufsförderungswerk Düren

Zentrum für berufliche Bildung blinder und sehbehinderter Menschen

About the BFW Düren

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The Berufsförderungswerk Düren (Abbreviation: BFW) was founded in 1975. Düren is located approx. 35 km south-west to the city of Cologne. The main task of the BFW is the vocational training of people who are not longer able to continue in their profession because of their visual impairment.

The BFW Düren offers an allround service for people with visual impairment, their relatives and employers. All these services are separated in modules and can be combined corresponding to the demands of our clients. The following services are provided:

Meanwhile the BFW Düren has two branches to decentralize it's services to the benefit of the clients. These two branches are localized in Hamburg and Mainz. The Berufsförderungswerk Düren offers training for approx. 200 blind and visually impaired people and has an administrative and training staff with about 124 employees.

Since 1998 the BFW is active in several national and European projects considering developing new training and ICT courses and Software.


The BFW Düren is a foundation member of the European Network for Visually Impaired Training, Education and Research - ENVITER
 Link: http://www.enviter.org/


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