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Zentrum für berufliche Bildung blinder und sehbehinderter Menschen

Job Placement

Support with job seeking activities
Applying for financialsupport for the technical equipment
Finding new work offers
Help with the equipment and the organisation at the new work place
Orientation and mobility training for the future work place
Initial training at the new work place

Well Qualified for the New Job - like Katrin Bölsche

When Katrin Bölsche first began her vocational training as skilled office worker in the Berufsförderungswerk Düren, she would not have imagined to be later working for a computer company which sells software for legal professions. She got convinced during a longer probation time at the company AnNoText. She liked the young company, and the managers liked her uncomplicated and highly motivated work attitude. Katrin Bölsche was born in Hamburg in the North of Germany, and due to a genetic impairment of her eyesight she is visually handicapped by 70%.

Immediately after she finished her vocational training she was employed as sales assistant. She is responsible for the co-ordination between customers and sales representatives of the company.

Recently her areas of responsibility have increased: because of her good knowledge of the French language she is now contact person for the French affiliated company of AnNoText.

Dr. Josef Schaefer, managing director of AnNoText speaks very well of his employee: „Katrin Bölsche is very well integrated in our team, both because of her qualifications and because of her personality. She is highly motivated and we can’t imagine to be without her anymore.”

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