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Projects in the Berufsförderungswerk Düren

National and European projects of the BFW Düren

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Projects are planned, organized and mainly carried out in the research and Development department of the BFW Düren. In 1998 the R&D section was founded within the BFW Düren to start researches concerning vocational rehabilitation for people with visually impairment and to develop new and innovative products and courses, which will be afterwards implemented in the holistic services of the Berufsförderungswerk Düren. This work of the R&D section is carried out within national or European funded projects and usually in collaboration with other research institutes and/or other German or European training centres.

The R&D section focuses its work on two main topics:

1. Labour market research and developing new strategies for vocational training and job placement

2. IT development which includes the development of IT or e-learning training courses and software

If you are interested in the final reports or the several project products, please contact us with the contact-form at the bottom of this page.

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